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Spend more time selling, and less time building sales prospecting lists.

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Recieve industry-specific leads B2B or B2C in your mailbox


Contact and Company Records Verified in 2022


Increase in Opportunities on Average

Get in front of the right people

 Experience the paradigm shift in business expansion with our AI Lead Generation software.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is being disclosed in accordance with our established international AI partnerships and operational protocols concerning the gathering and dissemination of data.

  • What is Lead Logistix?
    Lead logistix is a ai powered company which assist you with finding accurate sales leads so they can get in front of the right prospects, close more deals, and grow revenue at scale
  • How does Lead Logistix work?
    Lead Logistix uses multiple data points that run on artificial intelligence to crawl through the web in real time and find, verify, and validate people’s contact information. Our Software scours the public web in real-time to pull the freshest, most up-to-date contact data for so we can supply you with data directly in your inbox
  • What is the lead generation about?
    Lead generation - The process of attracting prospects and converting them into someone who has an interest in your company's products and services.
  • What is a TARGETED LEAD?
    Targeted Leads - Through our AI filter system we are able to provide industry related leads in the form of names, email and contact numbers that could be aligned to you product or service.
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